NRIs Favour Mumbai as Top Choice for Investment

Mumbai the top choice for NRI Investment

NRIs Favour Mumbai :- India is experiencing a notable upswing in the influx of returning Non-Resident Indians (NRIs) who are increasingly choosing the country as their preferred destination for business ventures and investments, as revealed by a recent survey.

NRIs Favour Mumbai :-

The comprehensive survey delves into the cities favoured by returning NRIs, the factors influencing their decisions, and the specific sectors that are attracting their attention.

The findings of the report highlight Mumbai as the predominant choice, with a noteworthy 23% of returning NRIs expressing a preference for the city. This preference is particularly pronounced among NRIs from the United States.

A person from the survey group underscored India’s position as a burgeoning global economic powerhouse, attributing it to unprecedented development and growth.

He emphasized the diverse array of opportunities available in terms of business networks, investment options, employment prospects, infrastructure development, and urbanization, making India an attractive destination for returning NRIs.

Challenging the conventional notion that opportunities are concentrated in Tier 1 cities, the survey brings to light the expansive reach of government initiatives that have catalysed development in Tier 2 and 3 cities.

Notably, approximately 12% and 16% of returning NRIs from the USA and other countries express keen interest in establishing business ventures or making investments in these smaller towns.

This shift underscores the evolving landscape of opportunities, emphasizing the broader scope of development beyond traditional urban centres.

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