Indian Students in Canada Against Strict Immigration

Indian Students Protest in Canada

Indian Students: In Prince Edward Island (PEI), a Canadian province, a significant protest has emerged among a group of former and current international students, predominantly from India.

They are expressing deep concern over a policy change that threatens their prospects of obtaining permanent residency (PR) in Canada.

At the heart of the controversy is PEI’s Provincial Nominee Program (PNP), a crucial pathway for international students seeking PR.

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Many Indian students initially choose to study in provinces like Ontario or British Columbia but later transfer to smaller provinces like PEI to enhance their chances of securing PR.

These provinces rely on the PNP to attract temporary residents, addressing labour shortages and sustaining population growth.

Recently, Canada has witnessed a notable increase in immigration levels. PEI, grappling with its own demographic challenges of an aging population and workforce shortages, has seen a surge in international students exceeding the capacity of its PNP.

In response, PEI’s provincial government has decided to prioritize PR applications for individuals employed in essential sectors such as healthcare, early childhood education, and construction.

This shift in focus leaves many international students, who often work in sectors like food services and retail, uncertain about their future in the province.

The situation underscores broader issues in Canada’s immigration policies, particularly concerning the balance between attracting skilled workers to address economic needs and ensuring fairness in pathways to PR for international students.

As protests continue in PEI, stakeholders are watching closely to see how the provincial government addresses these concerns amidst evolving immigration dynamics.

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