Rising Demand for Skilled Indian Workers

Indian Skilled Workers in Demand Abroad

Rising Demand: The demand for skilled blue-collar workers from India has risen by 25% in the UAE from May 2023 to April 2024, compared to the same timeframe the previous year, particularly in technology, healthcare, and construction sectors. A report by blue-collar worker marketplace Huntr highlights this significant increase.

Specifically, the demand for electricians, plumbers, and technicians has surged by around 20-25% over the past year.

In contrast, the demand for non-skilled workers has seen a modest rise of about 10-15%, leading to a 10% decline in the migration of non-skilled labour.

Rising Demand….

This heightened demand is largely driven by the UAE’s ambitious infrastructure projects, rapid urbanization, and the integration of advanced technologies across various industries.

These developments have created a robust market for skilled Indian workers, who are in high demand to support the UAE’s visionary growth plans.

To meet the evolving market needs, non-skilled workers in the UAE are increasingly engaging in upskilling initiatives supported by government programs.

This trend not only addresses the immediate labour requirements but also fosters a mutually beneficial exchange between India and the UAE.

Skilled Indian workers are not only contributing to the UAE’s development but also gaining valuable experience and exposure to modern technologies and practices.

Overall, the surge in demand for skilled Indian blue-collar workers underscores the dynamic economic ties between India and the UAE, highlighting a collaborative effort that benefits both nations and their workforce.

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