Canada Surpasses a Million Foreign Students

Canada Reaches Milestone Student Influx

Canada Surpasses: Canada has exceeded the one-million mark for international students, reaching 1M study permit holders by the end of December last year, according to IRCC.

While Ontario has the lion’s share with 526K permit holders, British Columbia follows with 202K, and Quebec with 117K. Despite being a small fraction, Nunavut also hosts a few with just 10 study permit holders.

Canada Surpasses Viral

Canada’s population growth, now one of the fastest globally, is significantly attributed to foreign students, non-permanent residents, and temporary foreign workers.

In 2023, more than 60K international students transitioned to become permanent residents, marking an increase from the 52K in 2022, according to IRCC data.

Immigration Minister Marc Miller has expressed intentions to scrutinize the influx of international students and temporary residents due to mounting concerns over housing affordability and the rising cost of living.

He urged provinces to cease licensing sub-standard private colleges, referring to them as producing foreign graduates akin to puppy mills.

India stands as the leading source country for international students in Canada, with China following closely. Despite a four percent decline in permits for Indian students last year due to diplomatic tensions, they remain the largest group.

To address financial considerations, Minister Miller announced new requirements, including a minimum balance in the CAS account and additional funds for those with accompanying family members.

These developments underscore Canada’s prominence as an education destination and the need for careful consideration amid challenges related to population growth and associated socio-economic impacts.

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