China Grants 180K Visas to Indians in 2023

China Issues Over a Lakh Visas to Indians

China Grants: In 2023, more than 180K Chinese visas were granted to Indian citizens, according to Wang Xiaojian, a spokesperson for the Chinese embassy in India.

Xiaojian noted that the Chinese Embassy in India implemented various measures to facilitate travel for Indian citizens to China, including the removal of online appointment requirements, fingerprint exemptions, and temporary fee reductions.

China Grants Visa Updates

Expressing hope for the normalization of visa processes, Xiaojian urged India to resume regular visa channels for Chinese citizens visiting the country. This, he emphasized, would contribute to fostering mutual people-to-people and cultural exchanges between China and India.

However, Xiaojian’s optimism comes amid the backdrop of India’s suspension of tourist visas for Chinese nationals in 2022, as reported by the International Air Transport Association (IATA).

IATA’s circular highlighted that tourist visas for Chinese nationals were no longer valid for entry into India. The circular specified that entry was permitted for various Asian nationals along with individuals holding a residence permit, visa, e-visa issued by India, overseas citizen of India card or booklet, Persons of Indian Origin card, and those with a diplomatic passport.

The circular emphasized the restricted entry for Chinese nationals while outlining the exemptions for certain categories. As diplomatic relations evolve, the plea from the Chinese side for a resumption of normal visa procedures underscores the importance of facilitating cross-cultural exchanges between the two nations.

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