Sunil Benimadhu: Architect of Growth in Stock Exchanges

Sunil Benimadhu's Journey at the Helm of SEM

Sunil Benimadhu :- Sunil Benimadhu stands at the helm of the Stock Exchange of Mauritius (SEM), steering it towards global recognition and sustainable practices. Born in 1960, Benimadhu’s illustrious career reflects not only his commitment to financial excellence but also his dedication to fostering economic growth and sustainability.

Sunil Benimadhu’s Educational Odyssey

Armed with an MBA in Finance and Investment from the University of Illinois and academic achievements from the University of Aix-Marseille, France, Benimadhu laid the foundation for a career that would redefine the landscape of stock exchanges.

Professional Sojourn

Prior to his tenure at SEM, Benimadhu contributed to the Treasury Department of the African Development Bank, showcasing his prowess in managing international fixed-income markets. His role as the General Manager of the National Mutual Fund Limited in Mauritius further solidified his reputation as a financial luminary.

Global Leadership

Benimadhu’s leadership extends beyond the borders of Mauritius. His election as President of the African Securities Exchanges Association (ASEA) in 2010 marked a pivotal moment in his journey. He also played significant roles in the South Asian Federation of Exchanges (SAFE) and chaired the Committee of SADC Stock Exchanges (CoSSE).

Driving Growth

In a candid conversation, Sunil Benimadhu shares the driving force behind his accomplishments. “A stock exchange has a critical role to play in unfolding the potential of economic growth,” he asserts. His mission is to position Mauritius as a catalyst for change, impacting lives, empowering investors, and providing a platform for companies to raise capital and generate employment.

Sustainable Vision

The SEM, under Benimadhu’s leadership, recently joined the UN Sustainable Stock Exchange Initiative. Motivated by the belief that exchanges must contribute to sustainable growth, Benimadhu initiated a voluntary exercise, creating a sustainability index to showcase companies leading the charge in Mauritius.

Championing Sustainability

The sustainability index, based on the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) criteria, assesses companies on governance, environmental responsibility, social impact, and economic practices. Benimadhu emphasizes that a sustainable company not only focuses on profit but also on transparency, governance, and societal contributions.

Active Participation

Sunil Benimadhu actively encourages listed companies to embrace sustainability. The launch of the sustainability index, with the participation of major companies, is a testament to the success of this initiative. The goal is to inspire other companies, both listed and non-listed, to follow suit and contribute to the vision of a sustainable Mauritius.

Future Endeavors

As Sunil Benimadhu looks towards the future, he sees the UN Sustainable Stock Exchanges Initiative as a crucial driver of change. Exchanges, positioned at the intersection of policymakers, investors, and listed companies, play a pivotal role. Sunil Benimadhu expresses optimism about the initiative’s potential to shape the future of humanity by garnering support from the private sector.

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