US-Schengen : Visa Records Within Reach for Indians

US-Schengen : Indians Could Beat US & Schenges Visa Records

US-Schengen: The number of visa applications submitted in India this year is on track to surpass the levels seen in 2019 before the pandemic hit. VFS Global, responsible for managing visa applications for over 50 countries, has reported that between January and June 2023.

They have processed more than 3 million visa applications in India. This is in contrast to the 6 million applications processed in the entirety of 2019, a year that did not encounter the challenges currently being experienced.

Despite longer interview wait times and appointment limitations in two major tourist destinations, the United States and Europe, the enthusiasm for travel remains strong.

It’s worth noting that 2019 marked a record year for visa submissions in India, a record that 2023 is poised to surpass.

The numbers would have been even higher if not for the processing constraints faced by the US and Schengen States, as noted by several experienced individuals in the travel industry.

US-Schengen Applicants For B1 & B2

Applicants for US B1 and B2 visas are currently encountering a lengthy 18-month wait time for their interviews. As reported by prominent travel agencies, most Schengen countries, with the exception of Norway and Sweden, have implemented a visa appointment count limit.

This means that only approximately half of the Indian applicants wishing to travel are able to successfully schedule an appointment.

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