Pre-Covid : Travel Records To Australia Shattered By India

Pre-Covid : Crosses Pre-Pandemic Travel Records to Australia

Pre-Covid : Philip Green, emphasized the pivotal role of people in connecting both nations. He highlighted that India has become the first country to surpass pre-pandemic travel levels to Australia. Green also mentioned that direct flights between the two countries have nearly tripled.

He tweeted, “The bridge between Australia and India is forged by its people. Australian PM was among 100K Australians who visited India this year, double the pre-COVID-19 numbers. India is the first country to surpass and exceed pre-pandemic travel levels to Australia.” There has been a significant increase in direct flights.

Pre-Covid & Australian Representative

Previously, the Australian representative celebrated Hindi Diwas by sharing a video featuring diplomats expressing their favourite Hindi proverbs, highlighting the popularity of Hindi both in Australia and among diplomats in Delhi.

Back in August, Green presented his credentials to President Murmu, expressing his keenness to strengthen the “Dosti” between the two nations. He emphasized the abundant opportunities within this relationship, including shared security interests and the promising economic potential driven by India’s dynamic economy, which complements Australia’s abundant resources.

Furthermore, Green highlighted the growing importance of the nearly one million individuals of Indian origin residing in Australia, describing them as an essential and expanding link connecting both great nations.

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