UAE : Emerging A Cost Effective Sea Travel Option To India

UAE : India Passenger Ship to Run Soon

UAE : According to reports in the media, there are plans in motion to establish a passenger ship service connecting the UAE and India in the near future. The anticipated ticket prices are approximately 442 Dh, offering travellers an affordable and convenient mode of transportation.

The ships are designed to accommodate around 1200 passengers at a time, allowing them to bring along a maximum of 200kg of luggage. The voyage is expected to take around three days to reach Kerala, as stated by YA Rahim, the President of the Indian Association Sharjah.

In a conversation with Khaleej Times, he expressed the objective of launching this service before the December school break, ensuring that Indian expatriates in the UAE can visit their hometowns without incurring high airline expenses.

UAE & Representatives

Representatives from the Kerala government are scheduled to meet with central government ministers in India next week to discuss the project. YA Rahim expressed, “All that’s required now is approval from the Central government.”

In line with the reports, ticket fares for the passenger ship service are expected to vary between Rs10,000 and Rs15,000, contingent upon the duration of travel.

Prices are anticipated to be at the higher end of the range during peak travel periods. Planners have also ensured a diverse selection of food options and onboard entertainment for travellers.

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