Schengen Visa Appointment Delays

Schengen Visa Wait Time Irritates Indians

Amid persistent delays in securing Schengen visa appointments for Indian holidaymakers, alternative destinations like Georgia, Australia, and Japan are gaining popularity due to their easier visa regimes.

The Schengen visa, essential for travel across 29 European countries, continues to face challenges, prompting travellers to explore other options.

Schengen Visa Updates…

Georgia stands out with its e-visa facility, driving a remarkable 6X increase in demand according to Rajeev Kale, President of Holidays at Thomas Cook (India).

This surge has also benefited neighbouring countries like Armenia and Azerbaijan, experiencing a 4X rise, often packaged with Georgian tours. Similarly, cities such as Tashkent and Almaty have seen a robust growth.

Armenia, Azerbaijan, and Uzbekistan offer e-visas to Indian nationals, while Kazakhstan allows visa-free stays up to 14 days, making them attractive alternatives for Indian travellers facing Schengen visa hurdles.

The trend reflects a strategic shift in travel preferences as travellers seek destinations with simpler visa procedures amidst ongoing Schengen appointment challenges.

Industry experts anticipate this trend to continue, influencing travel patterns during the summer season and beyond.

For Indian tourists, exploring these alternative destinations not only offers ease of access but also introduces them to diverse cultural experiences and landscapes beyond Europe.

As the travel industry adapts to evolving visa dynamics, destinations with streamlined visa processes are likely to see continued growth in visitor arrivals from India.

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