Italy Launches Digital Nomad Visa

Italy Finally Releases Digital Nomad Visa

Italy Launches: After years of contemplation, Italy has finally launched its digital nomad visa, extending a warm invitation to professionals worldwide.

The visa targets non-European Union or Swiss citizens with high skills capable of remote work, whether self-employed or employed by a company.

Italy Launches….

Applicants must demonstrate an income three times the minimum required for healthcare exemption, roughly €28K annually and secure health insurance coverage for their stay.

Proof of accommodation and a track record of at least six months as a remote worker or digital nomad are also essential.

Similar to the EU Blue Card, Italy’s Digital Nomad Visa targets individuals with expertise.

Upon arrival in the Schengen zone, applicants have eight days to request an appointment with the Italian immigration office via a local post office.

Required documents are submitted during this appointment, mirroring those provided to Italian consulates abroad.

To ensure compliance, the immigration office shares employment agreements with tax, social security, and labour authorities for inspections and audits.

These measures aim to simplify residency establishment for digital nomads while upholding legal and tax obligations.

Italy’s embrace of digital nomads underscores its appeal as a destination for remote work, offering professionals an opportunity to immerse themselves in its rich culture while enjoying a flexible lifestyle.

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