Migrant Workers : Required More In Singapore, Reinventing Destiny Conference Conducted On 14 August

Singapore's Need for Migrant Workers Increases

Migrant Workers : Facing a challenge with its decreasing birth rate and the increasing proportion of elderly citizens. To address this, Deputy Prime Minister Wong has emphasized the need for a consistent and carefully managed inflow of migrant workers.

He highlighted that without the option to supplement the population through immigration, the nation could experience a gradual decline in various aspects such as overall population, workforce, and its overall standing.

Migrant Workers & Reinventing Destiny Conference

Wong made these remarks during the Reinventing Destiny conference held in Singapore on Monday. Simultaneously, Wong emphasized that Singapore is implementing measures to manage the quantity of immigrants permitted to work within its borders, and this figure is not boundless or excessive.

He underscored that the limitations on these numbers are influenced by the nation’s capacity to assimilate newcomers effectively. Additionally, the extent to which migrants adopt Singapore’s values and lifestyle plays a crucial role.

Given its status as a small, open economy, Singapore relies on foreign labour to address its workforce requirements. However, immigration regulations have become stricter in recent years.

The government’s objective is to strike a balance between safeguarding local employment opportunities and ensuring the availability of resources to accommodate a growing migrant populace, all while grappling with a deceleration in economic expansion.

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