New Zealand : Probes Migrant Exploitation & Investigating More Than 160 Accredited Employers

New Zealand : Probes incident of Migrant Exploitation

New Zealand : Immigration authorities are currently in the process of investigating more than 160 accredited employers due to reports of exploiting workers and violating the work visa program.

The accreditations of five employers have been suspended, and six others have been completely revoked due to various infractions. These violations encompass breaking labour standards, providing false information, and employing migrants who lack proper work authorization or are in breach of visa terms.

A 27-year-old migrant worker from Punjab recounted his distressing experience to The New Zealand Herald. He revealed being subjected to physical assault and abandonment at the airport after failing to pay additional funds to his employer.

Despite having already paid around $20,000 for his initial visa, the worker was not compensated during his three-week employment tenure and was coerced into providing another $20,000.

New Zealand & Supreme Sikh Society

According to the head of The Supreme Sikh Society of NZ, they are encountering approximately 10 cases of mistreated migrant workers weekly. This issue is not confined to Indian workers alone; people from various nations such as Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, and numerous others are also facing similar problems.

In response to these complaints, Immigration Minister Andrew Little has declared an examination of the procedures of the AEWV program.

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