NRI Arrested For Molestation Incident

NRI Man Arrested for In-flight Molestation

NRI Arrested: In a disconcerting incident, an NRI hailing from Telangana now faces legal repercussions as he stands accused of molesting an eight-year-old girl during a transit flight from Saudi Arabia to India.

The individual in question, a 49-year-old Indian carpenter, was on his way to Hyderabad via Sri Lanka from Riyadh when the alleged incident occurred approximately ten days ago aboard a Sri Lankan Airlines flight.

NRI Arrested in Telangana

The details of this distressing event only came to light recently, surfacing on a Sunday, when a fellow Telangana NRI decided to disclose the shocking incident. The victim, accompanied by her mother, both nationals of Sri Lanka, was reportedly returning to their home country after a visit to the child’s father, gainfully employed in Saudi Arabia.

The mother, understandably distressed by the alleged sexual abuse of her daughter, promptly brought the matter to the attention of the cabin crew.

Upon the flight’s arrival at Bandaranaike International Airport in Colombo, the accused was promptly handed over to the local police by the vigilant cabin crew. Subsequently, both the victim and the suspect underwent comprehensive medical examinations at General Hospital.

The suspect has been produced in court and is currently held in police custody as the authorities proceed with a thorough investigation into this deeply unsettling incident.

The delayed revelation of the events and the subsequent legal actions underscore the gravity of the alleged mid-air assault on the minor, emphasizing the importance of addressing such incidents promptly.

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