Tragic Road Crash Claims Lives of Six NRI Family Members

Demise of Six NRI in Road Crash in Texas

Tragic Road Crash: A joyous Christmas holiday took a tragic turn for an NRI Telugu family as six members from Amalapuram, Andhra Pradesh, lost their lives in a devastating road accident in Johnson County, Texas. The victims were close relatives of YSRCP Mummadivaram MLA Ponnada Venkata Satish Kumar

Another relative succumbed to injuries, while the sole survivor, Lokesh, has been airlifted and is undergoing critical medical treatment at a Fort Worth hospital. MLA Ponnada Venkata Satish Kumar shared the heart-wrenching details, explaining that the family had travelled from Atlanta to a relative’s house in Texas to celebrate Christmas.

Tragic Road Crash for NRI Family

Tragically, on the afternoon of December 26th, following a visit to the zoo, their car collided with a truck traveling in the wrong direction. Local authorities confirmed the truck’s fault, with two occupants of the truck also sustaining injuries and being transported to the hospital.

MLA Ponnada Venkata Satish Kumar expressed the family’s grief and shared their efforts to repatriate the bodies to Andhra Pradesh. Complicating the process, two of the victims were born U.S. citizens, requiring consent from Lokesh, the survivor currently undergoing treatment.

As the family copes with the profound loss, arrangements are underway to honour the memories of the departed and support the recovery of the lone survivor.

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