UK to Allow Employment for Tourist Visa

UK Introduces Path to Employment from Tourist Visa

Commencing January 31, the coming year, the United Kingdom (UK) is set to implement significant modifications to its Visitor Visas, introducing expanded provisions for business activities, as outlined in the revised immigration rules released by the UK government.

According to the updated guidelines, visitors will now have the option to continue working for an overseas employer while residing in the UK. However, it is imperative that the primary purpose of their visit remains focused on tourism, family visits, or other non-work-related activities.

UK New Updates

Additionally, any remote work carried out during the stay must be directly associated with the visitor’s overseas employment. Holders of these visas will be permitted to engage in client work under specific conditions.

This includes scenarios where individuals work for a company with branches both in the UK and abroad, and client work constitutes a minor aspect of their responsibilities overseas, playing a crucial role in a project or service facilitated by their employer’s United Kingdom branch.

Notably, the project should not be directly delivered to a United Kingdom client by the visitor’s overseas employer. The authorization for working from the UK is contingent on remote work not being the primary purpose of the visit.

The PPE Visitor route is slated to merge into the Standard Visitor route. Individuals involved in paid activities will no longer require a separate visa, but they must plan their activities within a month of their arrival.

Anticipated to stimulate business and tourism, particularly with the inclusion of remote work provisions committing to broadening business visitor rules.

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