Mental Health : Self care is not selfish

Self care is not selfish

As the new growing era, problems of mental health are growing…

Everyone have heard about mental health once at least . I’m sure everyone would have faced it once in their life but some may have not even discovered that….

This generation has been facing a lot of issues with mental health, some are even getting worse… older generation has been passing comments negatively about this problem but I would suggest that you should acknowledge this issue.

Everything of your period has drastically changed and this is also a change of issues which has to be resolved.

Health is not only about what you eat, it’s also about what you think and how do you feel.

Dealing with depression is not a cake walk for everyone. But it’s necessary that you should come out of it. You need not look at the staircase at a glance take a small step and that’s enough.

You are not alone in this phase and your feelings matter… not everything will go in plan and that’s ok.

Tips to boost your mental health

  • Show some gratitude to your life
  • Work for your strengths
  • Do experiments
  • Show love to someone
  • Let it vent on a paper
  • Be nice to yourself
  • Go away with grudges
  • Dance, sing, laugh and enjoy
  • Practice forgiveness
  • What happens to be a hurdle happens to be an opportunity
  • Go out for a walk-in nature
  • Spend time with family and friends
  • Most importantly smile, its ok everything is fine

It’s easy to tip about mental health but acknowledging it as issue is more important.

If you feel you are depressed or anxiety is hitting you go reach out a person. World is so beautiful with most humble people around and everyone is happy to help you.

Give your mental health priority, it makes your life….

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