Spirituality benefits mankind

Spirituality never had a perfect definition and everyone always had a different perspective of spirituality.

Spirituality is when you accept there is something bigger than you, you don’t know whether it’s God or something else.

Spirituality is not about performing rituals as a theist or it is not being an atheist.

It’s a way of life moreover I consider spirituality as life. Life is far greater than you and when you start being spiritual you see every aspect in a wide zoom angle.

If you want to become spiritual you should build spirituality, it is same like as if you want to have your own house you are the one who has to fulfill all the requirements and then the desired house becomes yours.

The same way to become a spiritual person you have to build yourself from inside. It is never like a person from birth become spiritual it’s a process and you have to go long way to achieve that.

Spiritual Experience

Spiritual experience can be seen within yourself, God, nature.

When you believe that God is the supreme power and when you find peace, you surrender, you understand there are no things which can be controlled, this is spiritual experience.

You can also get spiritual experience through nature like, when you are at a road trip or any trip you would see many mountains/beaches, you see different animals and birds which gives a different way of peace. You start looking at the world in a different aspect, you understand nature is greater than you and this is the beautiful spiritual experience

Its quite underrated that you can find spiritual experience within you. It’s a tough yet easy way to find spirituality inside you. This is the best way where you find peace, answers, love, hope and what not. You just need 20-30 mins of your time with yourself, where you calm yourself totally and meditate just observing your breath. You would look inside you and find the most amazing and tremendous spiritual experience.

Once you try being spiritual, you will find everything in this world so positive and you will be a happy soul always.







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