How to maintain a strong cultural connection in abroad?

Some tips for NRIs on how to preserve and celebrate Indian festivals while living abroad:

Certainly to maintain a strong bond following can be most helpful:
Join any NRI Cultural Associations: 
Connect with fellow NRIs in your local community and form cultural associations to celebrate Indian festivals together. These associations can organize events, performances, and exhibitions to showcase Indian cultural traditions and foster a sense of belonging.
Decorate and Set up a puja ceremony: 
Create a designated space in your home for setting up a puja to worship the god. Decorate it with traditional items like idols, incense, flowers, and diyas (oil lamps). Perform prayers and rituals on festive occasions, involving family members and friends will improve bond.
Share Festive Attire and Accessories: 
Encourage family members to dress in traditional Indian attire during festivals. Organize clothing swaps or gifting clothes to family or friends can be a good option for bonding. Sharing information about local stores or online platforms where traditional clothing and accessories can be purchased.
Using social media platforms: 
Leverage social media platforms to connect with NRIs to make new connections. Create dedicated groups or pages where you can share festival-related information, organize events, and encourage participation from the community.
Organizing Community Events: 
Organise and manage community celebrations on major Indian festivals. This can include storytelling sessions, cultural show including music and dance, and traditional games on major festival days like Dussera, Diwali, holi, Sankranthi, Ugadi, etc.. To host these activities, work with nearby community centres, schools, or religious organizations.
Teach and Learn Traditional Recipes: 
During festivals, prepare traditional Indian foods and involve your family, especially to the kids about our ancestors cooking techniques and recipes while explaining the significance of each dish. Encourage your loved ones and friends to offer their own cooking creations.
Organize Potluck Gatherings: 
Hosting potluck events where guests are encouraged to bring a traditional dish from their home or neighbourhood allows for a diverse culinary experience and provides an opportunity to share and exchange traditional recipes and tastes.
Participate in Local Celebrations: 
Find out if there are local Indian or multicultural events happening in your area during festivals. Attending these occasional events can help to experience the festive spirit and connect with others who share similar cultural backgrounds will build the strong community.
Including Children in Festive Preparations: 
Engage kids in various aspects of festival preparations and activities. Encourage them to create handmade decorations, participate in cooking activities, rangoli making, and learn traditional songs and dances. This helps them understand and appreciate their cultural heritage.
Use Technology for Virtual Celebrations: 
If physically gathering isn’t feasible, use virtual connection technologies to connect with family and friends around the globe during festivals. Arrange video calls, live streaming of ceremonies, or virtual cultural performances to stay connected and celebrate together. Arranging virtual activities to participate can also makes it easier to engage with larger audience.
Remember, adapting and finding a balance between the host country’s culture and your Indian heritage is key in maintaining the connection. Celebrating festivals while living abroad allows you to keep your traditions alive and create a sense of community with fellow NRIs.
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