Indian Student Stabbed to Death in London by flatmate

Tragedy Strikes London: Indian Student Stabbed to Death

In a terrible turn of events, the vivacious and ambitious 27-year-old Indian student, Kontham Tejaswini, met an early demise in London. Hailing from Hyderabad, Tejaswini had gone on a path of education and self-discovery, enrolling in a master’s degree program. However, her hopes were destroyed when she fell victim to a horrible crime performed by her Brazilian housemate, Keven A L D Morais, sending shockwaves across the city.

The heart-wrenching tragedy began on a seemingly routine Tuesday morning, around 10 am, in the quiet area of Neeld Crescent, Wembley. Tejaswini had been lived in the shared apartment with her close friend till Morais, a fresh entrant, joined their living arrangement less than a week previously.

Details around the reason for this heinous crime remain unanswered, leaving authorities and the community bewildered. The local government promptly reacted to the occurrence, sealing the crime site and launching an extensive inquiry to establish the truth behind this unfortunate event.

Tejaswini’s loved ones, back in her village, were left distraught upon hearing the news of her sudden passing. Her family and friends, who had bid her goodbye with pride and optimism, are now left grieving her death and attempting to grasp this senseless act of murder.

As the news travels across international boundaries, the worldwide community mourns the death of a bright young life. Tejaswini’s goals and aspirations, which had motivated her to seek further education in a distant place, are permanently silenced by this horrific deed.

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