Foreign Workers Recruitment: Hong Kong to Ease Immigration Rules

Worker shortage : Hong Kong to recruit foreing workers

In an effort to address the shortage of manpower in Hong Kong’s financial hub, the government has unveiled plans to relax entry rules and bring in 27,000 foreign workers. Sectors experiencing significant labor shortfalls, such as construction and aviation, will have quotas set for the recruitment of foreign workers.

The surge in business following the lifting of pandemic restrictions has exposed the challenge of insufficient workers in various industries. Economists attribute this issue to factors like a diminishing local workforce and immigration policies within the city.

As part of the new plan, Hong Kong aims to implement recruitment quotas for approximately 12,000 foreign workers in the construction sector, according to Secretary for Development Bernadette Linn. In addition, the aviation industry plans to hire up to 6,300 laborers to address the shortage of “front line airport staff,” which is negatively impacting Hong Kong’s aviation hub, as stated by Secretary for Transport and Logistics Lam Sai-hung.

Since the beginning of this year, the city’s airport has been operating with a 32% reduction in workforce compared to the pre-pandemic period. This shortage has resulted in a lack of staff for passenger check-in, baggage handling, and catering services.

Starting in July, the city anticipates accepting job applications for positions in the construction and transportation sectors, with an estimated two-month processing period. The application process for jobs in the remaining 26 sectors covered by this program will commence subsequently.

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