Expedite Entry and Skip Immigration Lines in the US with Trusted Traveller Programs

Global Entry is a program administered by the US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) that facilitates and accelerates the passport control and customs clearance process for pre-approved international travellers deemed low risk. Participants in this program can conveniently access Global Entry kiosks at US airports. To utilize the service, individuals present their machine-readable passport or US permanent resident card, undergo fingerprint verification, and fulfil necessary customs requirements.

During the Obama Administration, India was extended an invitation to join the ‘Global Entry’ Trusted Traveller Network Program, which greatly enhanced travel and trade between India and the US. As per the guidelines set by the US Customs and Border Protection, individuals must undergo a thorough background check and attend an in-person interview to gain pre-approval for the Global Entry program.

Here are the benefits offered by the program:

  • No paperwork and Processing lines.
  • Available at most major US airports.
  • Lesser wait times and expedited entry

As a result of the increased number of applications, the current processing period for Global Entry is approximately 4-6 months. Participating in this program also grants eligibility for TSA pre-check, which expedites the security screening process in under five minutes. With TSA pre-check, travellers are not required to remove their shoes, liquids, belts, laptops, or jackets during security checks.

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