House Takeover: NRI’s Fight for Justice Against AAP MLA

Alleged Occupancy: NRI Family's Struggle Against MLA Manuke

Jagraon, Punjab – In a shocking turn of events, an NRI from Jagraon has come forward against AAP Jagraon MLA Sarvjit Manuke. The NRI claims that while she was living in Canada, MLA Manuke illegally took her house, even going so far as to remodel the property and dismandle of her things. Despite reaching out to various officials, including the DGP Punjab Police, NRI Minister Kuldeep Singh AAP, and Speaker Sandhwan, the upset homeowner got no help or action.

Now, determined to have justice, the NRI has came to Punjab and filed a written report with the SSP Ludhiana Police. Alongside the complaint, she has given compelling proof, including photos reportedly showing MLA Sarvjit Manuke’s car parked outside her occupied home and they were coversationons inside her home. The images also show the MLA holding talks inside the house with AAP Minister Harbhajan ETO.

The impact of these charges demands immediate action from Chief Minister Bhagwant Mann and DGP Punjab Police. It is important that they take fast and correct action to protect liberty of the NRI family. The proof given by the NRI appears to be conclusive, leaving little room for doubt.

This incident raises serious questions about the dedication to public service of those chosen to serve and help the people. The accused MLA, who should be setting an example, stands accused of breaking the law and the rights of an innocent NRI.

As this case unfolds, the people of Jagraon and Punjab eagerly await the action of their elected leaders. Will justice win, or will this be yet another instance where the strong escape of accountability? The eyes of the country are on this case.


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