From Bollywood to Russia: ‘Pathaan’ Set to Conquer New Territory

Blockbuster Alert: 'Pathaan' Hits 3000 Screens in Russia & CIS

To mark the film’s wide release, the team behind the global huge hit ‘Pathaan’ has announced plans for the film’s wide release across more than 3000 screens in Russia and the CIS region. Scheduled to release on june 13th, this huge milestone creates the first time an Indian movie has received such a high and huge release in the regions. After the huge success in Bangladesh, the highly massive masala and action movie is all set to create noise in Russia and CIS.

The decision to release ‘Pathaan’ on such a grand release in Russia and the CIS region demonstrates the global era of Indian cinema. Starring the iconic Shah Rukh Khan, this action-packed blockbuster has entertained audiences worldwide, and its release in Russia will undoubtedly tights the bond between Indian and Russian cinema audiance.

As both nations boast high cinematic culters and traditions, the release of ‘Pathaan’ on such a huge release allows Russian audiences to immerse themselves in the magic and impact of Indian storytelling and visuals. It also serves as a testament to the language of cinema, which impacts the boundaries.

By catching a release on 3000 screens, ‘Pathaan’ aims to reach a wide region of audiences across Russia and the CIS region. This strategic decision not only offers an huge cinematic experience to the masses but also presents an opportunity for the film to break more ground and set unprecedented box office records.


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