Koechlin : Says, “My skin colour limits my roles in Bollywood”

Kalki Koechlin: Roles and Identity in complex Bollywood

Koechlin : Splendid Films recently unveiled exciting news in honor of World Alzheimer’s Month. Their highly anticipated movie “Goldfish,” a heartfelt family drama, is scheduled to captivate audiences on September 1, 2023. This Indian-British-American production boasts a stellar cast including Kalki Koechlin, Deepti Naval, and Rajit Kapur, and showcases the collaborative talents of individuals from the United Kingdom such as Bharti Patel, Gordon Warnecke, Ravin Ganatra, and Shanaya Rafaat. Together, they bring to life a timeless narrative centered around the bond between a mother and a daughter, as well as the power of community.

Koechlin’s Inspiring Journey

In “Goldfish,” Kalki Koechlin portrays the role of a loving daughter navigating the complexities of life, including financial struggles. The film’s poignant exploration of identity is particularly relevant to Kalki, who candidly revealed, “Goldfish was special because complex, layered, sensitive and funny scripts like that are rare to come by. Anyway, there are few roles for someone like me in the industry, since the color of my skin limits my roles in Bollywood, and this being about the identity of a half-Indian, half-Britisher was something I knew I was cut out for.” Her heartfelt connection to the character promises an authentic and moving performance that audiences won’t soon forget.


Sharing the screen with Kalki Koechlin is the talented Deepti Naval, who embodies the role of an ailing mother. Kalki spoke glowingly of her experience working alongside Deepti Naval, stating, “It was a pleasure to work with Deepti ji, she is quiet and yet so brilliant and surprising, I was always kept on my toes as she would come up with something on the spot and I’d have to react to it. I loved working with her.” This dynamic interaction between the two actresses adds a layer of authenticity to the film’s portrayal of the mother-daughter relationship.


“Goldfish” marks a significant milestone in Kalki Koechlin’s career, as it heralds her return to the big screen after a four-year hiatus. The film’s presentation is in the capable hands of Anurag Kashyap, adding another layer of intrigue and anticipation. Under the skilled direction of Pushan Kripalani and the production of Amit Saxena, “Goldfish” promises to deliver a stirring and emotionally resonant cinematic experience.

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