French President Emmanuel Macron Honors PM Narendra Modi with Grand Cross of the Legion of Honor

Grand Cross of the Legion of Honor: French President Emmanuel Macron Honors PM Narendra Modi

Paris, France – In a historic ceremony conducted at the Élysée Palace, French President Emmanuel Macron presented the prestigious Grand Cross of the Legion of Honor upon Prime Minister Narendra Modi of India. This renowned accolade marks a momentous milestone as PM Modi becomes the first Indian Prime Minister to receive this highest French honor, either in military or civilian orders.

The Legion of Honor, founded by Napoleon Bonaparte in 1802, is France’s highest accolade, symbolizing remarkable merit and outstanding contributions to the nation. Over the years, this prestigious award has been presented to distinguished leaders and eminent personalities from across the globe, including the likes of former South African President Nelson Mandela, Prince Charles (now King Charles) of Wales, former German Chancellor Angela Merkel, and Boutros Boutros-Ghali, former Secretary-General of the United Nations.

The French government and French President decision to confer the Grand Cross of the Legion of Honor upon PM Modi demonstrates the increasing bilateral ties between France and India. The ceremony was attended by high-ranking officials from both nations, reflecting the mutual respect and shared principles between the two countries.

This renowned accolade adds to a stunning array of foreign medals and honors that have been awarded by the French President upon PM Narendra Modi in recent years. Earlier this year, Egypt recognized his excellent leadership by granting him the Order of the Nile. Papua New Guinea, Fiji, and the Republic of Palau have also honored him with their respective orders, honoring his important contributions to diplomacy, development, and international relations.

Looking back, PM Modi’s recognition by several countries began in 2016 when Saudi Arabia bestowed upon him the Order of Abdulaziz Al Saud and Afghanistan granted him the State Order of Ghazi Amir Amanullah Khan. In 2018, Palestine awarded him with the Grand Collar of the State of Palestine Award. Subsequently, Russia placed upon him the Order of St. Andrew award, and the United Arab Emirates recognized his achievements with the Order of Zayed Award.

It is apparent that PM Modi’s imaginative leadership and commitment to forging global alliances have won widespread praise. The Legion of Merit, given by the United States Government in 2020, and the King Hamad Order of the Renaissance by Bahrain in 2019 are further testaments to his prominent role in shaping international politics.

The Grand Cross of the Legion of Honor conferred by France serves as a significant symbol of the developing ties between the two nations and recognises PM Narendra Modi’s extraordinary leadership and services to India and the world community. This award not only emphasizes his persistent devotion to diplomacy but also reinforces the link between France and India, paving the door for future partnerships and shared progress.



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