Indian Students Pursuing Masters in France to Receive 5-Year Long-Term Post-Study Visa – PM Modi

Prime Minister Modi's historic decision unlocks a 5-year visa opportunity for Indian Master's students in France

Paris, France – In a major announcement, Prime Minister Narendra Modi decided that Indian students pursuing Masters in France would henceforth be eligible for a 5-year post-study visa, opening new doors of opportunity for young scholars. This landmark decision comes as part of the government’s continued efforts to encourage educational and cultural cooperation between India and France.

“I am pleased to share this incredible news with all of you today,” said PM Modi, addressing the Indian diaspora in Paris. “We have decided to give a 5-year long-term post-study visa to those Indian students pursuing Masters in France. This project intends to encourage more Indian students to study the great academic environment of France while also developing closer ties between our two nations.”

The new post-study visa scheme will enable Indian students to continue their stay in France for an extended term after obtaining their Master’s degree. This invaluable opportunity will allow them to obtain real work experience, participate with the local culture, and contribute to the French community and economy. Furthermore, it will boost their odds of getting work opportunities in France or pursuing future research and academic efforts.

As part of his presentation, PM Modi also stressed the importance of the Indian diaspora’s contributions to both India and France. “I want the Indian diaspora to invest in India. India has always been the first to jump into action when Indians face issues abroad. By investing in our nation, you will not only help to its progress but also enhance the link between India and France.”

The Prime Minister also announced plans to construct a new Indian consulate in France, underlining the government’s commitment to delivering better consular services to the Indian population and fostering stronger bilateral relations. This consulate will serve as an important platform for boosting trade, cultural interaction, and partnership between India and France.

The decision to give a 5-year long-term post-study visa to Indian students pursuing Masters in France is a tribute to the government’s objective of cultivating a highly trained and internationally competitive workforce. It represents India’s dedication to promoting educational objectives, facilitating foreign exposure, and developing enduring ties with countries across the world.

Aspiring students from India now have an unprecedented opportunity to immerse themselves in the rich academic heritage of France, noted for its esteemed universities, cutting-edge research, and dynamic cultural scene. This significant decision by PM Modi reflects the government’s conviction in the power of education to alter lives and shape the future of nations.

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