European Tourism : Air India Collab with AccesRail Covers Over 100 Towns

European Tourism to Benefit From Air India and IATA Collab

European Tourism : Air India has introduced an innovative strategy by partnering with AccesRail, an IATA travel partner. This collaboration aims to enhance travel options for passengers heading to European destinations without airports.

The plan involves an intermodal interline agreement that enables Air India travellers to seamlessly connect via bus and train with one ticket. This approach covers around 100 towns and cities in countries like Austria, Belgium, and Germany. Air India’s European gateways, including Amsterdam, London Heathrow, Milan, and Vienna, will facilitate these intermodal connections.

European Tourism & Collaboration With Air India

In collaboration with Air India, AccesRail has orchestrated a comprehensive network involving rail and bus operators. Notable participants comprise Avanti West Coast, Great Western Railways, London North Eastern Railways, and National Express.

Air India plans to expand this intermodal ticket convenience to its direct sales channels, enhancing accessibility beyond travel agents.

Passengers utilizing rail or bus services within this network will benefit from the same baggage allowance as offered on Air India’s flights, as outlined in the statement.

Enhancing our worldwide network stands as a primary focus during Air India’s ongoing transformative efforts. The collaboration with AccesRail enables seamless guest access to an expanded European destination network, bridging India-Europe connectivity gaps. Nipun Aggarwal, Air India’s Chief Commercial & Transformation Officer, expressed this sentiment.

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