Enlistment in the Military: Pathway to US Citizenship

Become a part of the Military to get US Citizenship

Bidari a girl from Nepal , she had a strong desire to serve in the military, but unfortunately, it was not a viable option in her home country. However, last week, her lifelong dream took a significant step forward as she solemnly raised her right hand and swore her commitment to join the U.S. Army Reserves.

Bidari, who is scheduled to commence her basic training in August, represents the latest addition to a growing cohort of legal migrants who are choosing to enlist in the U.S. military. In recent times, the military has been actively seeking out immigrants, providing them with an expedited path to citizenship upon enlistment.

The military has achieved notable achievements in recruiting legal immigrants, especially among individuals seeking employment, educational benefits, training, and a fast track to attaining American citizenship. However, these recruits often undergo additional security screenings and require extra assistance in completing paperwork, particularly for those who have limited proficiency in the English language.

Both the Army and the Air Force have acknowledged that they will not be able to meet their recruiting targets for the current year, and the Navy also anticipates falling short. While relying more on the legal immigrant population may not yield significant numbers, even marginal increases can provide valuable support. Among the various branches, the Marine Corps appears to be the only service on track to meet its recruitment goals.

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