Profession Test Compulsory for Indian Nationals in Saudi Arabia

Indian Nationals in Saudi Arabia to appear for Profession test

Saudi Arabia, which employs a significant number of semi-skilled and unskilled workers from India, has initiated a skill verification examination process prior to endorsing employment visas in India.

Referred to as the Skill Verification Program (SVP) test, it has been made compulsory for specific job categories in its initial phase and will gradually encompass all other occupations.

Introduced in 2021, the Saudi Skill Verification Program aims to enhance the caliber of skilled labor and prevent unqualified individuals from obtaining employment in the country. Under this program, professional workers already employed or planning to work in Saudi Arabia are required to undergo both written and practical examinations to assess their competence.

The Saudi Arabian embassy in India has notified recruitment agencies about the obligatory examination. It is important to note that a considerable number of Indian professionals, such as engineers and IT workers, legally enter Saudi Arabia using these visas and subsequently change their job titles. This practice has become prevalent due to the easier acquisition of such visas.

However, this system has been widely exploited by Indians and citizens of other foreign countries. Many Indians who encounter problems often fall victim to fraudulent agents while entering Saudi Arabia through these types of visas.

Once candidates obtain their professional verification certificate, they can continue their current job, renew their visa, or apply for a new work visa when seeking employment opportunities.

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