Canada’s Potential Shift in Temporary Work Permit Processing

Canada explores innovative approach for processing temporary work permits under the Temporary Foreign Worker Program.

The proposal, put forth in December of the previous year, aims to affect foreign workers who currently possess a Canadian work permit and seek to obtain another permit in order to sustain their employment within the same occupation and with the same employer. This novel approach will be applicable to individuals seeking to return to their previous employer and occupation, regardless of whether they are submitting their application from within Canada or abroad.

The IRCC (Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada) mentioned the following points in its proposal:

  • 1. Planning to reduce inventories
  • 2. Significant improvement in the client services
  • 3. Ease in hampered shortages of labour in Canada

How to be eligible?

In order to be eligible for the new processing method, applicants must have been issued an employer-specific work permit within the past five years without any discrepancies in their previous application.

They are required to submit a complete work permit application for a new employer-specific permit. Furthermore, they must return to the same occupation with the same National Occupation Classification (NOC) code. Providing biometrics is mandatory, either prior to or along with their new application. Throughout the screening process, they must fulfil all other admissibility requirements.

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