Venice : Introduces €5 Entry Fee for Visitors

Venice to Start Charging Entry Fee

Venice : Venice’s Mayor, Luigi Brugnaro, has confirmed the introduction of a €5 fee for foreign visitors entering the city, set to take effect in spring 2024. This measure aims to manage tourism.

The authorities clarify that this is a temporary, 30-day experiment. All visitors aged 14 and above must pre-book their entry and pay the fee, regardless of their mode of transportation, including public and private options.

Simone Venturini, a city council member responsible for tourism, states that the trial will run during the upcoming peak tourist season. Visitors staying overnight in Venice, those visiting family, students, and residents who have paid local property taxes will be exempt from this fee.

Venice & Sporting Events

Additionally, individuals in the city for sporting events will not be subject to the entry charge. Venice is set to become the world’s first city to impose fees on day-trip visitors.

To secure their entry, visitors will have access to a multilingual online platform for advance booking, receiving a QR code as their ticket upon fee payment. Those arriving via public transportation may have the option to purchase the entry pass along with their travel ticket.

Originally scheduled for January 2023, the implementation of this fee was postponed due to concerns over logistical challenges and potential negative impacts on tourist income. Initially, the fee was intended to be €10 but was subsequently lowered.

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