International Students Eligible for Green Card During OPT

US Foreign Students in OPT Eligible for PR

International Students: Aimed at simplifying regulations and increasing transparency, USCIS has updated its policy guidance concerning F and M student visas.

This effort seeks to alleviate confusion for both students and businesses by consolidating diverse rules into a single, comprehensive document. USCIS anticipates that this initiative will offer much-needed clarity to international students and educational institutions in the United States.

International Students Green Card Eligibility

Under the updated guidance, F and M visa holders are required to maintain their foreign residence with no intention of permanently abandoning their home country.

However, there is a significant shift as international students are now permitted to apply for permanent residency through green cards in the United States, contingent on their ability to demonstrate an intention to return to their home country following their temporary stay.

For startups, specific criteria must be met, including adherence to outlined training plans, good standing with E-Verify, and the provision of compensation comparable to US workers.

Despite these changes, the fundamental prerequisites for F and M visas, school transfer procedures, and general employment regulations remain unaltered.

It is essential to note that the non-immigrant vocational student (M-1) classification, covering students in established vocational or other recognized non-academic programs except for language programs, remains unaffected by the updated guidance.

This comprehensive revision reflects the US government’s commitment to creating a more navigable and transparent system for international students and educational institutions, fostering an environment conducive to academic and professional success.

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