UK Clarifies on Increase in Minimum Salary for Visas

UK Responds on Minimum Wages Hike for Immigrants

UK Clarifies : In a significant development benefiting immigrant families, the UK government has revealed its intention to gradually elevate the minimum salary requirement for family visas, opting for a phased approach instead of an immediate increase.

This decision follows the recent announcement by the Sunak government of a significant surge in the minimum salary for skilled work visas. A pivotal element of the government’s strategy involves aligning the threshold for family visas with that of skilled work visas.

UK Clarifies Govt Minimum Salary Updates

Notably, the Home Office clarified that child allowances would no longer be considered in income requirements, establishing a consistent flat rate threshold for sponsored migrants, regardless of the presence of sponsored children.

Home Secretary James Cleverly underscored that the overarching objective is to decrease net migration to the UK by an estimated 300K people compared to the previous year.

Alongside these adjustments, the government has outlined modifications to the list of occupations in short supply and introduced measures to ensure that immigrants can adequately support their family members.

The comprehensive immigration strategy extends beyond family visas, incorporating stricter regulations for students and a substantial increase in the health surcharge for foreigners accessing the National Health Service.

UK PM Rishi Sunak has committed to curbing new arrivals, responding to heightened concerns following last month’s revelation that net migration to Britain reached a new high in the previous year.

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