Indians’ Studying Abroad Get Better Job Prospects

Indian Students Abroad have better Job Opportunities

Indians’ Studying : The attraction of enhanced career prospects, profound cultural immersions, and acquiring proficiency in new languages serves as significant motivation for Indian students pursuing higher education abroad.

According to a survey, nearly half of the respondents, Indian students, identified improved career opportunities as the primary driver for studying abroad.

Indians’ Studying Abroad Updates

Additionally, 42% emphasized the importance of cultural experiences, while 41% highlighted language skill development as leading motivational factor. Challenges in pursuing higher education overseas were also noted, with approximately half of Indian students citing living expenses and 35% identifying high academic fees as major barriers.

This comprehensive study, conducted collaboratively by Oxford International and The Knowledge Partnership, specializing in global student research, encompassed insights from current and expected students across countries.

Despite macroeconomic uncertainty and rising job losses in the US and Europe post-pandemic, the past couple of years have witnessed a growing number of Indian students seeking education abroad. This trend persists, driven by increased financing options, expanded availability of aid and scholarships, and the growing influence of social media platforms, all of which contribute to heightened demand.

The survey further revealed that postgraduate students in India, constituting 52%, exhibit a stronger inclination toward cultivating a diverse skill set and knowledge driven by personal interest.

This dynamic landscape underscores the evolving aspirations and challenges faced by Indian students in the pursuit of global education.

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