US Hindu Temple Targeted with Anti-India Vandalism

US Temple Defaced with Anti-India Graffiti

US Hindu Temple : Suspected pro-Khalistan activists are allegedly responsible for defacing the Swaminarayan temple in Newark, California, according to local law enforcement. The incident, brought to light last week, involved the desecration of the Hindu temple’s exterior wall with anti-India graffiti, prompting the Newark Police Service to launch an investigation.

US Hindu Temple Updates

The temple administration reported that the vandalism occurred on Thursday night when a devoted resident, residing in proximity to the shrine, discovered anti-Hindu and anti-India messages in black ink on an exterior wall.

The local administration was promptly notified, triggering an immediate response. Addressing the situation, a representative from the Newark Police Department emphasized the belief that the act was targeted and vowed a thorough investigation.

Expressing deep sadness over such incidents, the official underscored the senselessness of such actions, asserting that there is no tolerance for such behaviour in Newark. The commitment to a comprehensive and sensitive inquiry into the matter was assured.

During a press conference, the police captain stated, “We treat these incidents with seriousness and commit to a thorough investigation, ensuring careful and sensitive handling. Currently, officers are collecting evidence as part of the ongoing inquiry.”

Unfortunately, this incident is not an isolated one, as it joins a concerning trend of temples being targeted and defaced with similar graffiti in recent times. The community and law enforcement alike condemn these acts and are determined to uphold the values of tolerance and respect in Newark.

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