Unveiling the Dark Web: Surat Police Crack 25-Year-Old Woman’s Death Case Linked to Sextortion Gang

In a major breakthrough, the Surat Police have successfully solved the mysterious death case of Prof. Sejal Parmar, a 25-year-old woman who tragically took her own life in March. The investigation has led to the arrest of a burqa-clad mastermind, Juhi Salim Sheikh, a Muslim woman residing in Andhra Pradesh, who was orchestrating a sextortion gang. Shockingly, Sheikh’s partner-in-crime, Zulfiqar, operates from Pak-occupied Lahore.The sextortion gang employed a sophisticated modus operandi to exploit innocent victims. They would send phishing app links disguised as legitimate customer care assistance or

complaint-filing portals. Upon clicking on the link, a malicious app is installed silently, giving the gang unrestricted access to the victim’s personal information, including photos and videos.

They would then combine the victim’s images with obscene and explicit content. In order to obtain money from the victims, they threatened to make public the doctored material.

Investigations revealed that the gang members would transfer the extorted funds directly into Juhi Sheikh’s bank account. After taking her share, she would utilize cryptocurrency, specifically Tether or USDT, through the Binance app to transfer the remaining amount to her partner in crime, Zulfiqar, based in Lahore.

Shockingly, Sejal Parmar had also fallen prey to this vicious gang, being extorted for a sum of Rs 23,000. Although she met their demands, their relentless extortion continued to torment her. Tragically, on March 16, she succumbed to the overwhelming pressure, ending her life by stepping in front of a train between Utrayan and Kosad railway stations.

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