University of Toronto’s Support for Indian Students

University of Toronto resolving Indian Student's Issues

University of Toronto : Amidst the persistent tensions between India and Canada, Indian students slated to begin their studies at Canadian universities in the Fall are facing a significant dilemma about their plans of travelling to Canada.

In an effort to address these concerns, the University of Toronto, Canada’s largest university, has issued a statement offering support to all Indian students who are part of the university’s enrolment.

Furthermore, the university has made available resources aimed at international students, encompassing assistance with immigration and visas, academic support services, personal support services, and even a Mental Health Portal.

University of Toronto Helps Indian Students

Undergraduate students in need of academic assistance can utilize a convenient helpdesk, enabling them to contact their specific faculty or college registrar. Conversely, graduate students have the option to seek guidance either from their department or the school of graduate studies.

The University remains steadfast in its dedication to its enduring partnerships in India, which facilitate academic collaborations across various domains and offer valuable global learning prospects to our students.

The university expressed its anticipation of further strengthening and advancing these connections, all in line with our shared objective of creating a positive impact on both local and global scales, as stated in the university’s official announcement.

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