US Mission Achieves Target of 1 Million Non-Immigrant Indian Visa

USA Marks Landmark to Issue 1M Non-Immigrant Visas

US Mission : On Thursday, the United States’ Mission to India achieved a significant milestone by processing one million non-immigrant visa applications in a year. This represents a 1/5th increase compared to the number processed in 2019.

As reported by the US Embassy and Consulates in India, over 1.2 million Indians travelled to the USA last year, solidifying it as one of the strongest travel partnerships globally.

US Mission Achieved

The U.S. Ambassador to India, expressed his delight in sharing this information and emphasized that the partnership between the United States and India is not only one of the most crucial bilateral relationships for the U.S. but also holds immense global significance.

The one millionth visa was handed to Ranju Singh and her spouse, who plan to visit their son studying in the United States. While congratulating them and engaging in a brief conversation, Garcetti affirmed his administration’s commitment to further invest in operations in India, recognizing the ongoing demand for visas.

This achievement has spurred the Embassy to intensify its efforts. In a statement, the organization pledged to facilitate more visas than ever before. They have also adopted strategies to enhance efficiency, such as expanding interview waiver eligibility to new visa categories and enabling staff worldwide to contribute to Indian visa processing through remote work.

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