United States Provides Relief for Immigrants During Layoffs and Visa Backlog

US eases immigration constraints during layoffs and visa Jam

The United States has recently made adjustments to the eligibility requirements for both initial and renewal applications of Employment Authorization Documents (EADs) in cases of compelling circumstances.

An Employment Authorization Document, also known as Form I-766/EAD, serves as official proof that an individual is authorized to work in the United States. These documents are typically granted to specific non-immigrants who are beneficiaries of approved employment-based immigrant visa petitions, along with their qualifying spouse and children.

However, due to the ongoing expansion of backlogs in immigrant visas and the challenges they pose, certain individuals find themselves in compelling circumstances.

To address these challenging situations, the United States has implemented this temporary solution. Its primary objective is to assist individuals who, under normal circumstances, would be on the path to obtaining lawful permanent residence but are now confronted with the need to abruptly cease working and potentially depart from the country.

In order to avoid plagiarism and provide a paraphrased version of the given information, the above text has been revised accordingly. If an individual obtains an EAD based on compelling circumstances and starts working using this document, they will be considered to be in a period of authorized stay. However, it’s important to note that they will no longer be actively maintaining their non-immigrant status.

During the validity period of the EAD or while their application is under consideration, individuals generally will not accumulate unlawful presence in the United States, as long as they have timely filed a non-frivolous application.

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