US Aims to Accelerate Visa Processing for Indian Applicants

Boost in Visa Processing for Indian Applicants

The United States is actively engaged in processing a significant number of visa applications from India, as stated by a spokesperson from the US Department of State. The consular teams have been exerting considerable efforts to handle applications in various visa categories that hold importance for the bilateral relationship. This endeavour is given high priority by the US government.

The spokesperson acknowledged the need for further efforts while refraining from disclosing potential announcements related to the trip, deferential to the White House. Recently, Eric Garcetti, the US Ambassador to India, emphasized the robustness of the India-US relationship and highlighted the significant number of Indian students choosing the United States for their education.

According to Garcetti, India sends more students to the US than any other country, with one in every five US student visas issued to Indian applicants in 2022. The US Mission in India organized its 7th Annual Student Visa Day nationwide, conducting interviews for Indian students applying for US student visas.

This is being done under the US Mission, which was announced earlier this year by addition of special Saturday Interview days. Stated in the mission was: By the summer, the US Mission in India will have a complete staff and anticipates processing visas at pre-pandemic levels. With the easing of travel restrictions, the US Mission in India prioritizes facilitating lawful travel and successfully processed over 800,000 non-immigrant visas, including remarkable numbers of student and employment visas.

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