UK Grants Record : Work Visas to Address Staffing Shortages

UK Issues Record number of Work Visas

UK Grants Record :  A record-breaking 321K visas were granted to foreign workers for employment in the UK during the period leading up to June. This surge in visa issuance is a direct response to the pressing labour scarcities experienced by employers, leading them to seek talent from overseas.

Official statistics reveal that out of this total, approximately 121 thousand visas were categorized as “health and care” visas. This category saw a remarkable surge compared to the preceding year.

UK Grants Record & Main Motto

The motive behind this increase was the UK’s endeavour to address the staffing requirements of its National Health Service and caregiving institutions. Predominantly, individuals from India and Nigeria were the major beneficiaries of these visas.

In light of employers struggling to fill more than a million job vacancies, the government has taken proactive measures. One of these measures involves the expansion of the shortage occupation list—a system that exempts specific roles from visa regulations.

This expansion aims to simplify the process of bringing foreign workers into the country to bridge the skill and labour gaps. During the year 2022, net migration reached an all-time high of 606K individuals.

However, it is important to note that the visa statistics provided by the Home Office are not directly comparable due to the inclusion of temporary laborers and the exclusion of emigrants from their count.

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