Thailand Eases Travel for Indian Tourists

Indian Tourists now to get Easy Access to Thailand

Thailand Eases: Thailand will soon eliminate visa requirements for travelers originating from India and Taiwan. This change is scheduled to take effect next month and will remain in place until May 2024.

The primary objective is to boost tourism, particularly as the peak tourist season approaches. Chai Wacharonke, a spokesperson, revealed that individuals arriving from India and Taiwan will be granted a 30-day stay in Thailand.

Thailand Eases Upgrades for Indians

India has emerged as the fourth-largest contributor to Thailand’s tourism industry this year, trailing only behind Malaysia, China, and South Korea, with approximately 1.2 million visitors.

Back in September, Thailand had already removed visa obligations for Chinese tourists, who represent a significant portion of the country’s visitors, totaling 11 million arrivals in 2019, prior to the onset of the pandemic.

The most recent government statistics indicate that from January to October 29, Thailand welcomed a cumulative 22 million travelers, making a substantial contribution of 927.5 billion baht (equivalent to roughly $25.67 billion) to the nation’s economy.

The tourism sector is witnessing a resurgence in arrivals from India, with increased attention from airlines and hotel chains. The government’s goal for the current year is to reach around 28 million tourist arrivals, with the anticipation that the tourism industry can help compensate for the ongoing decline in exports, which has been hampering economic expansion.

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