Stay Alert : Indian Embassy in Israel Issues Advisory

Indian Embassy Issues Advisory

Stay Alert : On Saturday, the Indian Embassy in Israel issued a call to all Indian citizens residing in the country, urging them to stay vigilant and adhere to safety guidelines.

This advisory comes in the midst of a full-scale conflict between the governing Hamas militant group in the Gaza Strip and Israel, resulting in the loss of lives, with a reported total of 268 casualties from both sides.

The Israeli military reported that Hamas militants launched over 2,000 rockets from the Gaza Strip into Israel. Additionally, Hamas fighters utilized various means, including paragliders, to enter southern Israel by land, sea, and air.

Stay Alert Indian Embassy and Israel Updates

It has also been claimed by Hamas that they have taken custody of several Israeli soldiers along the border. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has officially declared a state of “war” and vowed that his nation will exact an “unprecedented cost” from its adversary.

Given the ongoing circumstances in Israel, the Indian Embassy in Israel is urging all Indian citizens residing there to maintain a state of vigilance and adhere to safety guidelines as recommended by the local authorities.

We kindly request that you exercise prudence, minimize unnecessary travel, and remain in proximity to designated safety shelters,” the Embassy conveyed in its advisory.

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