Germany’s Immigration Law for Skilled Workers

New Immigration Law in Germany

Immigration Law : In June of this year, the German parliament gave its approval to a fresh immigration law aimed at enticing skilled workers to the country. Germany is grappling with an unprecedented labour scarcity, and a portion of this legislation is anticipated to take effect in November.

Subsequent to receiving approval, authorities announced that the law will be implemented in three phases, commencing in November 2023 and continuing in March 2024 and June 2024.

Immigration Law for Knowledged Workers

These revisions are primarily geared towards attracting individuals with non-academic training from non-EU nations. The law incorporates a merit-based system that reduces entry barriers for applicants based on their professional qualifications, age, and language proficiency.

Interior Minister Nancy Faeser, while presenting the government’s plan in the chamber, expressed that this proposed law is a vital step to ensure Germany‘s prosperity. However, she emphasized that its success hinges on the removal of bureaucratic obstacles during its implementation.

The scarcity of skilled labour is a significant impediment to Germany’s economic growth, with a shortage of skilled workers evident across various sectors,” Faeser stated. She characterized this legislation as a pivotal move for the future of the nation.

In addressing the labour shortage, Germany also intends to introduce an “opportunity card.” This card will enable foreigners without pre-arranged employment to come to Germany for up to one year to seek job opportunities.

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