Visa Regulations revised works are implemented in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia Updates Work Visa

Visa Regulations :- Saudi Arabia has implemented more stringent regulations for issuing visas to foreign domestic workers, stipulating that a single employer must be at least 24 years old to obtain such a visa. Musaned, a government platform overseeing domestic labour, recently unveiled these rules, introducing specific eligibility criteria for visa applications.

Visa Regulations of Saudi Arabia :-

Eligible applicants now include Saudi citizens, Gulf nationals, foreign wives of Saudi men and their mothers, as well as holders of Saudi premium residency permits. However, the approval is contingent upon the financial capabilities of the employers.

This initiative is part of Saudi Arabia’s broader efforts to enhance the regulation and efficiency of the domestic labour market. The Ministry of Human Resources has established the Musaned platform to provide individuals with comprehensive information about their rights, duties, and relevant services.

Highlighting the significance of conducting contracting through Musaned, the Ministry aims to centralize the recruitment process. Musaned serves as the official platform for domestic labour recruitment in Saudi Arabia, fostering transparency and efficiency in the hiring process.

Beyond simplifying procedures, the platform also plays a crucial role in addressing disputes and safeguarding the rights of both employers and domestic workers.

In essence, the new regulations represent a strategic move by Saudi Arabia to modernize and streamline its domestic labour market, promoting fairness, transparency, and accountability throughout the visa issuance and recruitment processes.

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