Great Indian Travelers has Access of Visa-Free in Malaysia

Visa-Free Entry for Indians in Malaysia

Indian Travelers :- Malaysia is set to eliminate visa requirements for Indian citizens visiting the country, starting from December 1, as announced by Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim.

Indian Travelers free visa :-

During a speech at his People’s Justice Party’s annual congress in Putrajaya, Anwar revealed that Indian nationals would enjoy a visa-free stay of up to 30 days; however, they will undergo thorough security screenings as part of the entry process.

The initial screening process will be applied universally to all tourists and visitors entering Malaysia. Anwar emphasized that security considerations are paramount, stating that individuals with criminal records or potential ties to terrorism would be barred from entering the country.

Previously, Indian citizens could enter Malaysia with a visa-on-arrival, incurring a cost of RM 200, which included processing fees. This move to scrap entry visa requirements aligns with Malaysia’s broader strategy to attract more visitors and stimulate economic growth through increased tourism spending. Notably, Chinese nationals will also benefit from this visa-free entry policy, commencing on the same date.

Anwar Ibrahim, in a bid to boost tourism and attract investors, had previously announced plans to enhance visa facilities in the coming year, with a specific focus on facilitating easier entry for tourists and investors, particularly from India and China.

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