Latest Update on LuLu Group’s Massive Investments of ₹3500 Cr in Telangana

LuLu Group Boosts Telangana's Economy with ₹3500 Cr Investments Across Multiple Sectors

In an amazing move, the famous LuLu Group has made numerous big announcements today on its investments in Telangana, reaching an astounding ₹3500 Cr. These strategic actions seek to improve the state’s economy while displaying the group’s dedication to development and innovation. From a state-of-the-art food processing complex to a huge destination mall, LuLu Group is prepared to alter the commercial environment in Telangana.

Export-Oriented Food Processing facility: Telangana’s government has given land for the building of an export-oriented food processing facility by LuLu Group. This entity is planned to harness cutting-edge technology and infrastructure to enhance agriculture and food-related enterprises in the area. With this initiative, LuLu Group wants to provide countless job possibilities while contributing to the state’s GDP development.

Land Finalization for ₹2500 Cr Destination Mall: In another historic news, LuLu Group unveiled intentions to create a vast destination mall in Hyderabad, with an estimated investment of ₹2500 Cr. The organisation intends to give an unrivalled retail and leisure experience to the inhabitants of Telangana. The property for this enormous project is anticipated to be completed within the next month, further boosting the state’s status as a bustling business powerhouse.

Reopening of LuLu Manjeera Mall: LuLu Group has made huge expenditures up to ₹300 Cr in the refurbishing of the LuLu Manjeera Mall. With 80% of the remodelling work now finished, the mall is slated to reopen its doors to the public by the end of August or early September. The refurbished LuLu Manjeera Mall is projected to deliver an improved shopping experience and will surely be a destination for consumers in the neighbourhood.

Anticipation Surrounding the Logistics centre: While specifics remain pending, LuLu Group has hinted at the creation of a state-of-the-art logistics centre in Telangana. This construction will surely add to the state’s infrastructure and promote smooth commerce and transportation operations. The logistics centre is expected to offer major job opportunities and support economic development in the area.

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