Indians Opting Overseas New Year Celebrations

Indians Plan for Foriegn New Year Celebrations

New Year Celebrations :- A potential surge in the number of Indian travellers opting for overseas holidays during the upcoming Christmas-New Year season is anticipated to surpass last year’s figures.

New Year Celebrations of Indians :-

This inclination is driven by several factors, including more affordable airfares and packages, improved connectivity, and simplified entry requirements, collectively making the prospect of international travel more attractive.

The allure of international destinations is further heightened by the competitive pricing of packages, which, in many cases, align with or are even comparable to those offered for popular domestic destinations.

Notably, certain countries are actively courting Indian tourists by facilitating visa-free entry and encouraging airlines to provide convenient connectivity at reasonable rates.

A board member of the Federation of Associations for Indian Tourism and Hospitality (FAITH), highlighted the competitiveness of international fares and the affordability of hotel room rates. He emphasized that international travel is currently exhibiting a more robust trend compared to domestic travel.

Supporting this trend, Thomas Cook has reported a substantial increase in demand for short-haul international routes during November and December compared to the corresponding period last year.This surge in interest signifies a growing preference among Indian travellers for international holiday experiences, driven by the enticing combination of cost-effective travel options and attractive destination offerings.

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