Indian Talent in the Green Card Waiting Game

Indians stuck in Green Card Issue

Indian Talent : Many Indians highly skilled and talented, who are pursuing green cards through the expedited EB-1 (employment-based) category, received disheartening news when the US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) released the October 2023 visa bulletin.

This bulletin, which signals the beginning of fiscal year 2024, brought disappointment as it indicated that the backlog for Indian applicants in the EB-1 category would not be alleviated.

Indian Talent Green Card Issues

This category mainly includes individuals with exceptional abilities or notable accomplishments in their respective fields. In the August bulletin, the priority dates for Indian applicants in the EB-1 category had regressed by nearly ten years.

Anticipated by immigration experts, the October visa bulletin was expected to advance the final action date, signifying the availability of green cards for foreign nationals with a current priority date that month, to early 2022.

However, the disappointment felt by EB-1 applicants is evident. According to Brian Lisonbee, the founder of Lisonbee Immigration Law, India-born individuals in the EB-1 category are only eligible to file a green card application if their priority date falls before January 1, 2017.

In the August bulletin from the US State Department, there was initially hope that EB-1-based I-140 applications for Indians with priority dates in 2022 would be eligible. The realization that there might be a backlog of up to five years has left many disheartened.

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